July 27, 2015


WEARING: Melissa Araujo Slit Dress (PRE ODER Now- Coming Soon), Splendid Leggings, Nike Free Run, Gap Bucket Bag & Club Monaco Sunnies.

If you get creative with your layering you can have a lot of options with the same pieces in your closet. Layering is not just exclusive for cold seasons, you can layer during Summer as well.

1. A good starting point will be an all black outfit (surprise, surprise)
2. Start with simple pieces. In this case I layered our MA Slit Dress on top of a basic legging. This Slit dress is probably the most comfortable thing in my wardrobe right now. Every girl needs a mid black dress and we got you covered.
3. Always add strong accessories, I choose the Nike Free Run for a sporty vibe and to make my all black ensemble pop.
4. If you need you can throw either a blazer, a bomber or a leather jacket to this outfit and it would still work.

This type of outfits are easy to put together, comfortable and functional. It is perfect for those busy days when you don't have time, but still want to look good (which feels like most days for me). Let me know how you like to layer.

Photo by Mackenzie Walker

July 13, 2015


WEARING: Cyeoms Crops Top, JBrand Jeans, Converse All Star, Breda Watch and Quay Australia Sunnies.

When you are busy getting things done, going from place to place, what do you wear? Something that will work for all of the occasions. My version of a busy day uniform usually consists of all black palette, ripped skinny jeans, sneakers and a comfortable but cool top. I can't get enough of the Cyeoms Crop Top, it is now added to my wardrobe section of staple pieces. It gives you the opportunity to show skin, but not too much skin - just the right amount. I gotta say I love these images that Mackenzie took; they are moody, creative, edgy and guess what he didn't use photoshop. What do you guys think?

Photography by Mackenzie Walker

July 06, 2015


WEARING: DIY Skirt, Nike Free 5.0 Trainers, Ray Ban Sunnies, Gap Bucket Bag and THP Shop Rings.

I am back wearing my usual duo - black and white. It is pretty clear I am a sucker for basics and minimal clothes, I also like my hair and accessories to be understated. I had meetings to attend in different parts of the city and to be practical I added some sporty vibes with my Nike Free 5.0 trainers. I always feel my best in sneakers.

I could have easily paired this boxy high neck top with skinny jeans but I wanted to try my latest DIY. I bought this pencil skirt one size up and then cut asymmetrical lines on the sides to make it a little more interesting than the usual classic cut. I have to say I love the result; it is still sophisticated but with an edge, as the top was boxy and conservative I thought the slits of the skirt balanced the look.

Photo by Mackenzie Walker

June 28, 2015


WEARING: Oak and Fort Duster, DIY Crop Top, Cmeo Collective Shorts, Zara Sandals and H&M Bag.

Buckle up Summer has arrived! This past week was beautiful outside, just how I like it +30 C; and all the good stuff that comes with that... Beaching, pool parties, patio drinking, and plainly hanging out outside without being cold. Summer is my favourite season and no I don't believe that you need to stop wearing black when it gets warm outside. I have this duster for a few years now, I got it for a job interview and continue to wear it, here for a casual get together for drinks while catching up with my girlfriends.

Photo by Carmin Edwards

June 21, 2015


WEARING: Melissa Araujo Iris Slit Top, Zara Denim, Malibu Cali Sandals, Breda Watch and 8 Other Reasons Rings.

What do you wear, when you are on the run, busy trying to get things done? This is my go to outfit for those running errands type of days. This Zara ripped jeans is my latest addition to my closet and I like to wear them when I am busy getting things done or lounging (because they are super comfortable). Wear your ripped jeans with a boyfriend shirt, denim on denim or go casual like I did with a black little top, this one is from our latest collection BASICS. I also loved how Joyce from MY DUBIO styled our MA Iris top HERE, she is killing it.  I have to say I am obsessed with all slit design clothes, what about you? Side, front, or back slit? I am in for all.

Photo by Mackenzie Walker

June 15, 2015


WEARING: Zara LS Crop Top, Cmeo Collective Skirt, Andi Malibu Cali Slides & 8 Other Reasons Rings.

Giving continuation to last week's Lighten Up post, I opted for another monotone off-white outfit. The conclusion is that a singular tone look is my favourite way to dress in any season. My everyday style consists of simple looks that focus on quality, shape, fabric, and minimal accessories. I believe this combination creates striking looks and gives any girl a certain individuality in the most under stated way. We have seen minimal and clean looks rising to the trend radar, great brands pushing geometric, angular shapes together; making the minimal design even more interesting through fabric and textures. If you are in to this type of style make sure to check our site Melissa Araujo (we have you covered) also check brands like Cmeo Collective, Calvin Klein, J.W.Anderson, Celine, The Row and Camilla & Marc (and so many more). Let me know what your favourite minimal labels are, I would love to learn a few more to add to my wishing list!

Photography by Mackenzie Walker

June 08, 2015


WEARING: Front Row Duster Coat, Tibi Mules, Galisfly Nose Ring, THPShop Rings & Ceramic by Ava Ring.

This past weekend was fun, number one reason was the beautiful warm weather. I enjoy life so much more when it's hot out! I took a break from my normal black ensembles to lighten up with this loose off white fitting duster, I decided to wear it as a dress, not as a coat. I wanted to explore my closet and continue to make sure that I am wearing pieces that are versatile; this type of coat is the perfect transitional piece to add to your wardrobe. I am still obsessing over these Tibi mules, I think they tied my outfit together nicely, and they are comfortable. How do you lighten up during Spring and Summer? Let me know your tricks!

Photos by Mackenzie Walker