November 22, 2015


WEARING: Melissa Araujo TurtleNeck (Coming Soon), SheIn Robe, Common Muse Bangle, Adidas Sneakers & Rachel Ruddic Bag. 

Get wrapped up in a coat trend that takes the most comforting moments of our mornings and evenings to the streets - the robe coat. Not only is the style beautiful and minimal, but it's a great way to easily throw something over your clothes and still look amazing. I like when the belt matches the coat, but it's great to mix and match belts as well. I love my house robe now I can say I love my street-wear robe too, playing with tradition and giving cozy a whole other meaning.

Photography by Jeffrey Nicholls

November 08, 2015


WEARING: Melissa Araujo Turtleneck Dress (PRE-ORDERS AVAILABLE NOW), Year One Collective Leather Jacket, Adilletes, American Apparel Socks, Breda Watch and Galisfly Rings.

We are adding to our minimalist inspired Basic line and here is a sneak peak our newest item: The Tamara Turtleneck Dress (it will come in a top version as well)! All of the new pieces will be in our shop by next week. If you are still searching for a versatile, well- made turtleneck, look no further! The dress is made of Bamboo Jersey, this material will leave you feeling luxurious.

I consider a cool turtleneck an elevated alternative to your usual crew neck top or dress. Some might say that a turtleneck + date night are contradicting ideas, not in my book; you can make a turtleneck look cool or sexy. It  just depends on how you carry yourself and how you style your outfit. Here an all black outfit is a very subtle way to wear a turtleneck. Why not break the rules a little, show some skin and finish the look with sandals and socks. You could have as easily paired this outfit with ankle boots or add an extra layer with leather pants, any of these options would have worked nicely.

How do you feel about turtlenecks? Ours is ready for pre-orders and will go live on our shop by next week! Just in time for the holiday season.

Photography by Jeffrey Nicholls

November 02, 2015


WEARING: Melissa Araujo Dress, American Apparel Unisex Knit Pullover, Splendid Leggings, H&M Leather Jacket,  Converse Sneakers & Alexander Wang Marion Bag.

I have been asked a few times recently how I pick my handbags? Well, if you are like me and spend way too much on bags, it is important to follow a few simple steps before you dish out the money to avoid making mistakes when purchasing a good bag. I have a few regrets from the the past, having saved up to buy something that didn't really suit my lifestyle. I've let the brand names overrule logic and functionality before, bags are the ultimate simple accessory, but you still should choose well. Here are my tips when shopping for a new one:

Style/Versatility: It is important you think about the environment you spend most of your time in: are you in uni, do you have a corporate job or are you in a casual work place? You also want a bag that can be used at work, but also on the weekend for fun. Not everyone can afford, or has the time to swap bags every time you change your outfit or go from day to night. I recommend thinking about that as well as the actual style of the bag, do you like structured or soft?

Size: My recommendation is not to follow trends; if the latest "it" bag doesn't fit in to your daily lifestyle do not buy it. Most of my bags are on the smaller spectrum, as I don't carry a lot, and try to keep it minimal. If I am going to a meeting and need to bring my laptop then I go with an over-sized tote.

Colour: You guessed it, black or neutral are always my pick. You can get creative with the texture of the bag, hardware silver or gold are great hues. If I had to choose something in colour I probably would say burgundy or navy to bring some life to the outfit.

Material: I always choose leather over anything.

Here I am wearing the Marion Bag by Alexander Wang, I have had it for a couple years now and I am still in love with it. My dream bag is a Chanel, I won't be buying it anytime soon, but it will certainly be my next big goal/purchase. What about you?

Photography by Carmin Edwards

October 26, 2015


Photography by Thompson Chan 

Excited to share these photos of my work space with you, I believe every creative needs a space that feels like an extension of their mind where they are comfortable to spend endless hours. I have been lucky that my studio is in my house, there is plenty of space and it just feels right. It has such beautiful natural light, and the bright white walls makes it the perfect place to work and create. Most of the time the studio is clutter free and organized, but of course when it's time to cut fabric or develop new patterns the space gets pretty messy - it is part of the process. For interior decoration I keep it very minimal, I have a few of my personal favourite drawings and prints displayed, a marble top table (that unfortunately you don't get to see here), candles and music is always playing. What does your work space look like?

October 22, 2015


I was asked by SheIn to pick my wish-list for outwear, here are my fav four. What do you think?
1. Trench Coat, 2. Woolen Coat, 3. Loose Trench Coat, 4. Hooded Casual Coat

October 19, 2015


WEARING: Melissa Araujo Aime Dress, Melissa Araujo Diana LS Top, SheIn Crop Jacket,   Adidas Gazelle, American Apparel Socks, Breda Watch &  8 Other Reasons Rings & Dior Sunnies.

I don't wear a lot of dresses for my everyday life unless they are perfect and practical. I noticed that there is a lack of simple, comfortable and good quality dresses out there, so I decided to design and make my own. This is the MA Aime Dress, I wear it all the time, on its own, on top of leggings or pants and in this case layered with our own MA Diana LS Top. Seriously the comfiest combo ever. I added the bomber to toughen up my look a bit, while the side split makes it more exciting than your average mid dress.

Pair it with your favourite sneakers and you are good to go. I like to wear things that are versatile, the same dress or top can look completely different by just getting creative with the choice of accessories, shoes or outwear. The items are now up on our shop, and available for purchase; make sure to see what they look like on there own HERE and HERE.

Photography by Jeff Nicholls

October 12, 2015


WEARING: Alexander Wang Top, JBrand Jeans, Fendi Bag, THP Cuffs, American Apparel Bra & Nasty Gal Heels.

As much as I love my tees and comfy bamboo jersey, I also like to wear things that are sheer and show a bit of what it is underneath. I have had this Alexander Wang top for a while, I still love it as much as the first day I got it. I have seen a lot of bras being used as a statement pieces in during shows in the last Fashion Week around the globe; used under or over tops and dresses. Bralettes with no wire or padding are still my go-to. If you come here often, you will know that I am more of a sneaker girl, but sometimes (even if very rarely) I put on a pair of heels. I do have to say that as I struggle with my walk something inside of me grows, and it is my attitude. I can see why some girls love wearing heels all the time.

Photos by Benjamin Kwan